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Comfort Botha Has Been NOMINATED!

The Kenya Youth Awards that ‘Celebrates Tomorrow’s Leaders’ has nominated me in the category of  “The YOUNG BLOGGER / VLOGGER AWARD”. I am so honoured to be considered for this award as a Kenyan born youth living in the United Kingdom. I would love and appreciate anyone who supports what I do and wants to see me continue to do so. Want to know what I do? Want to vote for me? Scroll down!DSC01733 LAB EDIT.jpg

The YOUNG BLOGGER / VLOGGER AWARD- recognises true viral style and creative excellence for their social media achievements through blogging, vlogging, instagramming and snapchatting.

My aims for my BLOOGER/VLOGGER platform include the encouragement of the youth, young girls, involving adults to understand the lives of the youth in the world to live today. Encourage formal education but insist on self-education about REAL life and what the future holds.

Comment By Comfort Botha on FACEBOOK: “In formal education we are given skills that may help with our academic growth however formal education fails to give skills that help with real life until its too late. many students learn to deal with real life issues when they go AWAY for University. Skills on managing money, encouragement of entrepreneurship, skills of survival, how the system helps and where it hinders are all part of the information and resources the youth needs today! We are oh so often blind-sighted by the beautiful and mostly fake life we see on social media. The youth of today are living a life of ‘faking it till you make it’ sad thing is people are getting so good at faking it that they don’t make it and regret it when they are in a job they hate, in circumstances they can no longer control, their expenses are high, income is low, even with all these qualifications, real life skills need to be provided.”




Youtube Channel: Comfort Botha

Most Viewed Video on Youtube: My Uni Experience & Why I’m Not Graduating!

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What Would You Do, If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

If could look at your life from a different perspective, a perspective where the option of failure was non-existent, what would you do? Would you make new choices, different decisions, would fear be a thing of the past? We live our lives knowing failure is an option and scared of the shame and disappointment that… Continue reading What Would You Do, If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

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Just Jump-Leap Of Greatness

Greatness is at the edge of destruction.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is”

If you feel that you were born for bigger and greater things than you are doing right now, the only person who holds the power to change your circumstances is you. For most of IWillJumpus a job is something that pays the bills ,gets you by and helps you survive. Having a career is the expression of your presence on this earth.  No one person is the same as another, each of us have been gifted with a passion that will contribute to the way this universe works and how people think and live. Each of our gifts has a purpose without purpose its just a talent you have… but what is your INTENTION with it?

If you are happy living the life you are living right now, living in fear of, what if I jump and it fails? What if people don’t get my dream? What if no one supports me? You are not the only one with those fears in this world. But remember, nothing great ever comes easy. We all bare the brunt of our inner fears. Once you take a leap of faith or greatness, your parachute isn’t guaranteed to come straight away, that is not how the world works. Your wants and desires may require evaluation, or other peoples opinions but if your intentions are right,and your purpose is overflowing with fullness then have faith in the choice you make. To jump and believe.

With this, you will learn that falling is a lesson. It will teach you that no matter how far you fall, you are guaranteed to be saved by your own choicesGreatness really is at the edge of destruction, and right on that edge is where you learn the greatest lesson of all.

Vulnerability scares us. We want to stay in familiar territory where we are comfortable. But being comfortable does not bring you success. Waking up early, pushing yourself, late nights, scrimping and saving so hard your eating noodles every day. These are the leaps, these are the steps people we admire have taken or took when they wanted greatness. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Do not let the example of a career in this post make you think that you can only leap or jump when it comes to work. In all aspects of your life, take a chance, try and try again and when you have succeeded… those lessons that you learnt while falling ,will help you help others. return to the people or place where you started(the hood, the ghetto, the village) and encourage them to greatness.

So, will you stay where you are and never know what is on the other side?







Definition of Leadership: Providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. Being a leader is not only leading the way , may it be professionally or personally, its about understanding those behind you, empathising and serving them with the tools that got you to the stage that you are at. Not everyone who reads my blog… Continue reading IF SERVING OTHERS IS BENEATH YOU, LEADING IS BEYOND YOU.

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Your Flaws As Beauty Spots, Now Call Them Beautiful-Muna Fungati

Your Flaws As Beauty Spots, Now Call Them Beautiful 



Muna Fungati


You are strong.

You are intelligent. 

You are brave.  

Most importantly you are beautiful. 

 Beauty is your passion 

Beauty is your smile

Beauty is all your imperfections.  

When you buy jeans that fit you; you are beautiful. You’re not wishing or hoping to be anyone else than yourself. You need to be more confident in yourself young one; beauty is confidence. 

Choosing to wholeheartedly love those around you is beautiful. The way you treat your temple reflects the true essence of your soul. Your outer being reflects more about you, than you know young one. 

 Beautiful people hurt and face the most challenging things but despite their pain, their insecurities….they aren’t defined by their mistakes or their situation. The dark times are beautiful; the triumph is beautiful. Beautiful is allowing yourself to reflect. Beautiful is appreciating how crucial the struggle was. 

 Don’t abandon the lessons; the journey is more beautiful than the destination. Whenever you’re feeling inadequate, repeat I love you three times in the mirror. Beautiful is you, you are the true definition of beauty. Knowing your worth is beautiful young one. 

It has been said ‘the beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides’ Audrey Hepburn. Let your eyes reflect your spirit, young one shine. The world won’t be able to resist that sparkle. 

 Remember young one, beauty is complex and multifaceted. 

Love is within you; don’t cheat yourself from self-love. 

You Are Beautiful

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