It never seems serious or even real until it affects you, your family and those you care about. When you are the one speaking those words or having to feel as though your ears are bleeding from the shock of what your child is telling you. When they are telling you they have been sexually abused whether they understand what it means or not, no parent/carer wants to hear these words.

Unfortunately, this stigmatised subject continues to build barriers and stop conversations happen. Because of fear of shame and the opinions of others we are silenced essentially by our society, our culture and those who should encourage healing, justice and mental wellbeing.

The the topic of sex and abuse in our society has somehow changed in the wrong ways. The world has because sexualised but abused is shoved in the back of the closet because it’s not IDEAL to talk about, because it’s too HARD.

Body issues, eating disorders, stress, and disassociation from society are some of the long term effects of sexual abuse and worse if gone untreated.

Sometimes, someone just needs a non-judgemental listening ear.

Educate your children on what IS and what ISNT appropriate behaviour from ANYONE whether a stranger or someone close to the family.



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