Welcome back to Girl Code With Comfort Botha, I know its been a while and soon I will drop a post explaining why I’ve been absent for so long. But first let’s recognise that we are entering a new Millennium, a new age for WOMEN!

So much has changed in the years that I’ve been alive. We have seen women take their power back instead of waiting for it to be given to them. Let’s break it down.

One the most recent, influential and powerful things women have done in this millennium is the #TimesUp & #MeToo (founded by Tarana Burke) Movements. In 2017 the hashtag #MeToo went viral. With women all over the world sharing their pain and making it a purpose. That purpose being, justice, change and shedding light to topics such as Sexual harassment and sexual abuse. These topics floated all over our timelines, our pages and into real life conversations. Never before has this taboo subject been so talked about and all because women made a choice to use their voices. This led to the TimesUp movement which was led by women in Hollywood. Women such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington and Ava Duvernay stood in solidarity to call out inappropriate behaviour carried out by men within the entertainment industry, further highlighting the issues that had already surfaced. These women along with so many other have made every women feel as though they are not alone and taught us that change can only occur if we stand together and for each other. #Sisterhood

Ladies, never before in history have women had more of a voice and power against injustice and power plays. Women of all colours, races, backgrounds, and job fields have spoken up in solidarity for their rights. I mean a century ago this would have gone unnoticed. With the power of social media and advances in technology we as women are able to join in in making a difference in our lives and communities. I urge each and every female out there to never forget their power, their worth or who they are because together, we are UNSTOPPABLE.

Yes we are sexy, beautiful, all that and a bag of chips but some men have used all these as an excuse to whatever they like for too long. No longer shall a women question her beauty or lessen herself in fear of sexual harassment. No longer shall we accept weird looks, grazes, or slick comments at work in fear of loosing our income. Ladies, we are doing it for ourselves.

Women have made strides in so many industries and especially in politics. Looking back in history, the right to vote was a privilege that only white men had. Now women of all colours and backgrounds are not only voting but placing themselves in positions of power. We say we want change for women but only a woman can understand our struggles. Little girls of the new Millennium will look at TV screens, billboards and credits and see a woman who is powerful, influential and making strides.

Here Is to 2020, to change, to influence, HERE IS TO WOMEN!

What are some of the things women have done that inspire you for the new Millennium?

By Comfort Botha

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