The Attitude Of Gratitude

Faith & Fear Cannot Co-Exist

We spend so much of our time in dissatisfaction. We pray, hope and wish for better and greater things, never taking a moment or second to recognise what it is we DO have. We sometimes do not realise that most of what we have now, at one point or another we wouldn’t even believe or fathom the thought that we could own such things. May it be a phone, a home, a car that works etc. Forget having the latest or newest of these things.

Culture tells that we are never enough or we never have ENOUGH. What is enough? There will always be something new in the market to purchase. There will always be someone doing better than you. Let me ask you this….Why are our minds so focused on the negative?

When we cultivate gratitude and the attitude of thankfulness, we begin to change our minds wiring so that appreciation becomes second nature. Some may read this and think gratitude sounds like an easy task. It is very easy when things are going well and your life is fantastic. The real challenge is when an obstacle gets in the way. When you cant pay the bills or when you’re struggling to understand why everything is going wrong. But just like changing a bad habit, taking on a new mindset is hard. Most, of us are raised worrying about how to make ends meet. Let me ask you this, are you not here today? Weren’t those bills payed even though you worried? I have come to realise that worrying doesn’t benefit you in any way. The more I became grateful for all I had, the more i received without even asking.

“Don’t worry about anything; insteadpray about everything.”

Bible: Philippians 4:6-7 NLT 

And when you do pray test out this theory: Pray thanking God for what you DO have. It’s hard not to pray and not ask for something or mention your troubles but the attitude of gratitude will go a long way for God knows all of your troubles.

This is also how the Law of attraction works, when your mindset changes you become happier and manifesting becomes easier as you are already happy and grateful for all you have.

Sometimes negative bias, cultural bias or emotional influences affect the way we react and respond to negativity or negative things that happen to us. Opening our minds to these facts and recognising that we CHOOSE the way we respond is key to taking on gratitude as your everyday life. Gratitude has to be worked on daily and deliberately so begin to concentrate on what is right and be grateful that what for all the wrongs, there is a solution.

So during these holidays, be grateful to be alive if you receive, be grateful, if you don’t…there are so many things that you are blessed with.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

From Comfort Botha

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