25 lessons I learned By 25

1) Understanding and accepting yourself is key to your overall progression, success and happiness.

2)Learn to take accountability of your flaws, your mistakes and grow from them.

3)Not everyone will like you no matter how much try, it’s their loss.

4)Comparison really is the thief of joy. Some will always be better, smarter, more successful, prettier than you but one thing they will never be is YOU.

5)DO NOT waste your energy explaining your dreams, wants and desires on people who will never support it anyway, just do you boo.

6)Friends honestly do come and go, not matter how much it hurts, you’ll always make new ones.

7)Be the protagonist of your own life while also finding a balance of ‘whats meant to be will be’. Realise that you can plan out everything to a T but sometimes ‘go with the flow’.

8)Your mind is your most powerful tool. Having a good & positive mentality reflects into your health, lifestyle, success and happiness.

9)Mental health is not a joke. Be self aware and know when your thoughts are not positive or kind to your well-being and learn what to do about it.

10)Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it’s actually the opposite. There is strength in vulnerability, the courage it takes to ask for help is a skill many do not possess.

11) Your lowest moments will define you greater than the lows. How you get it up builds character.

12)Success means different things to different people and everyone else’s definition doesn’t have to become yours if you do not agree.

13)Being kind doesn’t make you weak or desperate.

14)Happiness is eternal and comes from the inside. Find joy in the small things, a beautiful song and dance, laughter with friends and family and those things that truly makes your soul ecstatic.

15)Everybody has their demons and the sooner you learn to stop judging the better. Accept it and move on.

16)You will NEVER be able to please everyone so do your own thing, follow your own values and you’ll find people who support you along the way.

17)It’s so easy to inherit toxic traits from family or those you grow up around, so be aware of repeating habits. So when you know better you do better and avoid making the same mistakes.

18)There is not a clock on when you’ll be successful whatever that means for you. People make it at 16,20,25,45,75 or even 100. Don’t pressure yourself to everyone else’s standards.

19)However long it takes to get to you, just get to it, enjoy the journey and forget the naysayers.

20)The older you get, carbs and cheese taste better and better.

21)Do not wallow too much in your problem. Give yourself a time limit then, think of what is the next plan of action, what is next? what can you do to improve, change or evolve.

22)Affirmations, the law of attraction is real. Affirm your greatness and Attract what you want with the power of seeing it, speaking it and allowing it into existence.

23)If your gut says, don’t go or something is not right, trust your instincts. 9/10 times it’s right.

24)Know what you want in a partner and don’t accept any less. If they can’t love you the way you love you, whats the point?

25) “Stand upright, walk like a goddess and believe in your craft! “

by Comfort Botha

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